Do you smell gas in your house, building or on the street? It is a gas leak. Contact us quickly. But first of all, make sure you are safe by following our instructions.

A smell of gas? A gas leak?

Call the emergency number 0800 19 400 ou le 112
Free of charge - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What to do if you smell gas?

Follow our 4 safety instructions before calling us. Stay calm and focused.


Natural gas is lighter than air and will escape through open doors and windows. This limits the risk of an explosion. 


  • To avoid sparks, do not use any electrical or electronic devices.
  • Do not operate any switches, telephones, lights, heaters, home automation devices, lifts, doorbells or torches.
  • Do not light matches, lighters or candles.
  • Do not smoke, not even electronic cigarettes

Caution: only turn off the gas tap if you can reach it without turning on a light or torch.


  • Leave your home
  • Tell your neighbours, if you live in an apartment building
  • Once you are out of the range of the gas smell, call the emergency number 0800 19 400


Gas smell: Should you fear an explosion?

For many people, the smell of gas means an immediate danger of explosion. However, while it is true that a gas leak should not be treated lightly and should be reported immediately to your network operator or to 112, an explosion will only occur if very specific conditions are met.

Explanations with Christophe Salvador, gas trainer at Sibelga.

What number should I call if I smell gas?

In the Brussels-Capital Region, call the emergency number 0800 19 400 or 112
Free - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

A smell of gas? Who to call in Belgium?

Here are the emergency numbers to call:

  • In the Brussels-Capital Region: 0800 19 400 (Sibelga)
  • In Wallonia: 0800 87 087 (Ores)
  • In Flanders: 0800 65 065 (Fluvius)

These numbers are free and accessible 24/7.