Sibelga has selected the appliances that meet the most common heating needs in a home. The choice was based on an optimal combination of design, efficiency and budget.

You can view our complete range of appliances in our reception office.

The capacities available vary from 4 to 9.5kW.
Sufficient to heat any area from a small to a large room to a large room.

Since 15/09/2016 it is not allowed to (re)place gas heaters in a bedroom or a studio.

You can choose between two models:

Wall or facade model without chimney

No chimney is required but a hole in an outside wall is needed to carry away the flue gases and bring in fresh air for combustion.

Monthly rental: € 18.59
Calorific capacity: 4 kW
Dimensions: H 503 x B 695 x D 185

Monthly rental: € 23.91
Calorific capacity: 9 kW
Dimensions: H 547 x B 1286 x D 305

Appliances with chimney

DRU S-Line 4
Monthly rental: € 20,03
Calorific capacity: 5 kW
Dimensions: H 660 x B 580 x D 250

DRU  S-Line 10
Monthly rental: € 21.80
Calorific capacity: 9.4 kW
Dimensions: H 660 x B 900 x D 250

You can also view these models in our reception office.