The Brussels-Capital Region has introduced “protected customer” status to support the most vulnerable customers. These are household customers who have received a notice of default from their energy supplier.

These customers can obtain this status by following a specific procedure if they fulfil various conditions. If all these conditions are fulfilled, then Sibelga assumes the role of social energy supplier.

Who will supply you in energy as a protected customer?

Sibelga will become your social supplier as soon as you are recognised as a protected client.
The supply contract with your commercial energy supplier will be suspended. 

How much energy are you elegible for ?

Sibelga provides you the energy as your social supplier.

During the protected period, your commercial energy supplier may not submit a request to the Justice of the Peace for your energy supply to be cut off.

You are charged for energy at the social rate determined by the federal government, and you bear this cost. To this end, you comply with the Sibelga general terms and conditions of supply.

More information about te social rate can be found on the website of the federal government.

Administrative costs of € 5 are charged for any reminder and/or formal notice of default that has to be sent. This is not liable for VAT.

How long can I qualify for protection?

Protected client status does not last for ever. It is a transitional period to help those with payment problems find solutions, with a view to returning to a commercial supplier as soon as possible.