Connections and meters

My connection

Vind jouw ean-code of bekijk de technische gegevens van jouw meter.

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We give you an overview of our distribution rates, costs for connections or meters, rates for protected customers, the dual hourly rate and more.

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Work requests

Do you want a new connection, to change something on your connection, or to remove it?

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Electric charging

We are working to install public charging stations so that you can soon charge everywhere in Brussels.  But you can also charge at home. 

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Renewable energy production

Have you decided to produce your own green electricity?  Then you are helping to make Brussels more sustainable!

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Meter readings and consumption

Your meter readings have to be taken every year. If you are not at home, you can communicate these to us yourself.  How to read your meter or how your consumption is calculated.

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Smart meter

The smart meter allows you to better understand your consumption. It is an essential element for a successful energy transition.


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Customer protection

Under certain conditions, you may be entitled to the social tariff, as well as to obtain the status of protected customer or winter customer.

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