Who sends me my bills for the energy I use?

The bills for the energy you use are drawn up by your energy supplier.

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Who do I go to if I have problems with the bill from my supplier?

Details of exactly what to do in that case can be found on the website of Brugel, the Brussels regulator for electricity and gas.

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Do I have to contact Sibelga if I have questions about my energy bill?

No, contact your energy supplier directly for this.
Their details are on your energy bill.

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What can Sibelga bill you for directly?

  • work involving connections and meters
  • the energy used for protected customers
  • charges related to a non-invoiced consumption by a supplier
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What costs does Sibelga bill via the energy supplier?

The bill you receive from your energy supplier includes a section for distribution costs, also referred to as costs for use of the grid.

These costs are billed by Sibelga to your energy supplier, who includes them in your final bill.

The cost of opening a meter is also charged via your energy supplier.

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