Will there soon be charging stations on lamp posts in Brussels

It’s possible! There’s a test under way on our site... The aim? To explore innovative ways to manage electric vehicle charging in Brussels.

Did you know that behind Sibelga’s building walls lies a real energy transition lab? Yes! In addition to its role as a gas and electricity grid operator, Sibelga is actively preparing its infrastructure to respond to changes in our energy needs and to climate challenges.

Among the research under way, we are currently testing the installation of electric vehicle charging stations on public lamp posts. Explanations...


Installing electric vehicle charging stations on public lamp posts is a good idea in several respects!


Using public lamp posts to install charging stations reduces costs. For example, it’s no longer necessary to plan additional facilities on the street. Furthermore, the charging station will rely on the lighting infrastructure and be more protected from external damage, making its structure lighter... and cheaper!


This solution will reduce urban furniture clutter in the public space. By pooling infrastructure that is already on the street, movement flows more freely: a great benefit to Brussels residents!


Given the growing number of rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicles at Sibelga, we are already able to carry out representative tests and understand users’ charging habits.

To do this, 3 electric charging station brands will be tested on Sibelga’s site. We will test their resistance as well as their performance. Because the greatest risk to street charging stations is vandalism...


In total, Sibelga’s site will have 38 charging stations by the end of the year. All future and existing charging stations are available to Sibelga’s staff and visitors who want to charge their rechargeable electric or hybrid vehicles.

All these charging stations will be managed via a centralised platform. This will make it possible to manage vehicle identification and billing. Watch this space!

In brief, if the test is conclusive, some Brussels public lamp posts may do more in future than just provide light.

Sibelga, a driver of alternative mobility in Brussels

At the beginning of July, the Brussels government gave Sibelga an active role in deploying a network of charging stations in Brussels. At the beginning of July, the Brussels government gave Sibelga an active role in deploying a network of charging stations in Brussels.

Sibelga is therefore responsible for organising the concession of charging stations, by drafting specifications and calls for tender. It will then be responsible for ensuring that deployment complies with regional objectives, by facilitating coordination between the stakeholders in the field, among other things.

This is why this experiment is of interest, as it will enable Sibelga to accumulate as much experience as possible to serve all Brussels residents.