Charging points Brussels
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Charging points Brussels

In December 2019, the Brussels government decided to set up a task force to develop a strategy for a charging points network that perfectly matches the region's ambitions. On Thursday 2 July 2020, the regional government agreed with the results of the Task Force and immediately promised to put its conclusions into practice.

As a Brussels distribution network manager, Sibelga is not only a neutral player, but can also fall back on a long expertise in networks and site management. This is why the company will play an important role in coordinating the installation of electric charging points along the roads of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Sibelga will thus organise the concession of these points, by drawing up the specifications and the requests for tenders. It must then ensure that the installation is carried out in accordance with the Region's objectives, in particular by facilitating cooperation between the various players on the ground.

For the Brussels region, this represents an important step in the transition to alternative mobility. In the long term, this should ensure that all Brussels residents have user-friendly, accessible and affordable solutions for recharging their cars. 

Sibelga is fully aware of the importance of this assignment for the region, both for the environment and for mobility, and also sees this as an opportunity to facilitate the introduction of more sustainable mobility. 

"The well-developed Brussels network now makes it possible to charge electric cars"

As part of this mission, Sibelga will focus on the development of a network of charging stations evenly distributed throughout the entire region.  This takes into account the future needs associated with the growth of alternative means of transport, as well as the evolution of the energy landscape (renewable energy, energy communities, etc.). 

Furthermore, Sibelga will also look for innovative solutions to manage the grid via smart charging, as this will avoid excessive investments. The aim will be to ensure that street furniture occupies as little public space as possible. This can be done by installing charging stations and using them on, for example, street lighting poles. 

Marie-Pierre Fauconnier, Managing Director of Sibelga: "Many inhabitants of Brussels would like to contribute more to a more rational use of available energy resources in their daily lives, including when they move around. From now on, the well-developed Brussels network will make it possible to charge electric vehicles. The charging stations were the final missing piece. Its gradual installation in the public space will give new impetus to the breakthrough of electric cars in Brussels. Sibelga wants to be one of the driving forces behind this transition to alternative mobility in Brussels. We will do our utmost to make it accessible to all of the inhabitants of Brussels as soon as possible"

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