An efficient solution for public lighting failures

Thanks to the digitization of the public lighting network in Brussels, reporting and handling malfunctions has never been easier and more efficient. This ensures extra safety and comfort for you as a resident.

Sibelga has just mapped the entire Brussels lighting network and linked it to a brand new digital system for fault management.

As a result, the entire chain for monitoring and resolving failures can now be managed digitally. This breakthrough offers numerous advantages for dealing quickly and efficiently with street lighting problem.

A revamped application

You can now report problems with street lighting owith just a few clicks via our completely new application. 

Thanks to the interactive map, you can accurately locate street lamps and report problems lamp by lamp. You can also indicate the type of failure and add a photo if required.

Any failures already reported can also be viewed directly in the application. No more guessing where the problem is, our system lets you tell us about failures in the blink of an eye.

An interactive map enables lamp-by-lamp reporting of failures.

An interactive map enables lamp-by-lamp reporting of failures.

Direct feedback

We understand how important it is to respond quickly when you report a failure. Thanks to digital network management, our technicians are directly informed of any problem on their tablet, so they can react quickly to restore the situation. 

We therefore recommend that you notify us of street lighting failures via Our online platform allows you to easily communicate incidents to us and be kept informed by email of problem resolution.

FixMyStreet integration

To facilitate communication with municipalities and the Region, we have improved the integration with the FixMyStreet.Brussels platform. As soon as you report a failure on FixMyStreet, it is immediately passed on to our teams so that they can handle it. In turn, Sibelga automatically forwards the progress of the defect to FixMyStreet.

Enhanced responsiveness

Thanks to this complete digitization, we can react to any eventuality even more quickly. Repairs will be done in a maximum of 2 working days if several lamps are faulty, and a maximum of 5 working days for a single lamp. We'll be there to brighten up your day as soon as possible!

Failures can now be resolved more efficiently.

Failures can now be resolved more efficiently.

Automatic detection

The growing use of smart LED lamps in street lighting (17,000 LED lamps out of a total of 90,000 already) also enables us to detect failures automatically. Even if the lamp is only partially faulty. No need to manually report problems – we've already been informed!

Digitized lighting also enables us to adapt the intensity of the light depending on the needs of each area. This allows us to save energy in certain areas and provide optimum brightness in busier streets.

2030 objective: 100% intelligent LEDs

We've set a clear objective: to make all of Brussels' street lighting 100% smart by 2030. Thanks to digitization, we'll be able to offer more efficient lighting, while reducing our ecological footprint.

The digitization of the street lighting network is part of Sibelga's overall network digitization strategy, which also includes the deployment of optical fiber and smart meters.