To minimise the inconvenience caused by roadworks, the Brussels-Capital Region has developed a system for coordinating works.

Beneath the streets of Brussels, there are electricity cables and gas pipes, but also water pipes, internet and telephone cables, fibre optic networks, etc. 
These installation must be regularly maintained or renewed. In order to avoid opening up and closing the streets multiple times and to enhance the safety of interventions, the Brussels-Capital Region has set up a system for coordinating works.

The coordination of works in practice

The Osiris platform makes it possible to coordinate works in the Brussels-Capital Region. All the works requests from the Region have to be entered into it. 

Companies that manage underground infrastructures located on the site of the works are automatically notified. They can thus take advantage of the works to plan an intervention on their installations and/or to inform the people performing the works of the safety measures to be taken to avoid any accidents. 

More information on the Brussels Mobility website (FR)