Sibelga attaches great importance to protecting the personal data of users of the Brussels gas and electricity distribution networks.

Sibelga is your gas and electricity distribution network operator in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its public interest missions are mainly governed by the electricity ordinance, the gas ordinance, the electricity technical regulation and the gas technical regulation.

In accordance with the electricity and gas ordinances, Sibelga has entrusted the daily operation of its activities to the operator Brussels Network Operations (BNO) s.c.r.l., which it controls and with which it has concluded a contract concerning the joint obligations regarding personal data. BNO staff therefore carry out the day-to-day operation of Sibelga's business so that the processing of personal data for Sibelga is carried out by BNO employees.

This policy only concerns the processing of Sibelga personal data in the performance of its missions in the public interest. This policy does not concern the processing of personal data by BNO for the management of its staff and the management of applications for employment.

This Data Protection Policy has been adopted by the Sibelga Board of Directors on 11 June 2019. In accordance with Chapter III of the General Data Protection Regulation, this policy is intended to inform data subjects about the processing of personal data by Sibelga.

  1. Who processes your data?
  2. Which of your data do we process?
  3. What is the legal basis of the processing?
  4. Why do we process your data?
  5. To whom are we sending your data?
  6. How do we protect your data?
  7. How long do we retain your data?
  8. What rights do you have?
  9. Do we send your data to the public authorities?
  10. When and how can we change this notice?
  11. Cookies et clauses liées à l’envoi de courriel

For further information - > please read our full ‘Personal data processing policy Sibelga’ (in PDF)


and its subsidiary:

  • Brussels Network Operations S.C.
    quai des Usines, 16
    1000 Brussels
    Business registration (BCE) No. 0881-278-355

Both companies are referred to as Sibelga in this data processing policy.


As part of its public service tasks, Sibelga is required to process the following personal data:

  • Identifying Information;
  • Contact details;
  • E-mail address;
  • Home phone, mobile and fax numbers;
  • Date and place of birth:
  • Marital status and legal cohabitation;
  • Sex;
  • First language;
  • Copy of ID card;
  • Copy of driver’s licence;
  • Household Composition;
  • Income;
  • Registration number plates;
  • Images taken by surveillance cameras;
  • Photos/films recorded at certain events;
  • Telephone call recordings;
  • National register number (see resolution No 74/2009 of 23 December 2009 of the Sectoral Committee of the National Register of the Belgian Privacy Commission);
  • Possibly the company details, such as company registration and/or VAT number;
  • Technical data for network management purposes;
  • Metering data required for billing;
  • Network access details (change of supplier, change of address, use of a power limiter, etc.);
  • Business data, even if classified as a protected customer;
  • EAN code, held by Sibelga as a unique identification key;
  • The presence of an electricity generating installation, an electric vehicle and some of their technical specifications;
  • Other personal data obtained by Sibelga from third parties, for example the social security database or the land registry;
  • Financial data (account number);

Not all the data listed above are processed for each data subject. The personal data collected depends on the category of the data subject (if they are a visitor to a site, a network user, etc. (see below).

This personal data is processed:

  • based on information from the energy supplier of the data subject provided for the proper performance of the supply contract and the performance of the public service tasks assigned to Sibelga;
  • directly by Sibelga with the data subject in connection with a request for services or work, a complaint or a question asked;
  • from third-party public bodies.

These data relate to the following individuals

  • distribution network users as defined by the Electricity and Gas ordinances;
  • property owners connected to the Sibelga distribution network;
  • contact people at co-contractors/subcontractors and potential contractors/subcontractors;
  • persons with personal rights or rights in rem related to Sibelga;
  • visitors to Sibelga's site or representative office;
  • persons who have lodged a complaint or a request for information;
  • public representatives, in particular municipal representatives of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • members of the general meeting and governing bodies of Sibelga.



Sibelga mainly processes personal data:

  • in order to perform the public service tasks enshrined in the following regulations:
    • ordinance of 19 July 2001 on the organisation of the electricity market in the Brussels-Capital Region;
    • ordinance of 1 April 2004 on the organisation of the gas market in the Brussels-Capital Region, on the municipality fee for occupation of the public domain in relation to gas and electricity and amending the ordinance of 19 July 2001 on the organisation the electricity market in the Brussels-Capital Region;
    • Technical regulation on gas;
    • Technical regulation on electricity.
  • to perform the supply contract that the data subject has concluded with its energy supplier, for the purpose of billing the energy consumed and access services provided for in the supply contract or in the applicable legislation;
  • to comply with the legal obligations to which Sibelga is subject, in particular with regard to the fight against unoccupied housing and the fight against fictitious addresses, and with regard to the communication of information to the public authorities legally authorised to demand the communication of information.

Aside from the cases specified above, Sibelga shall only process personal data with the consent of the data subject and, in this case, in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. This is particularly the case when stakeholders such as energy service providers request access to personal data.


Sibelga will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Discharge of its legal obligations and its public service tasks:
    • Gas and electricity distribution system operation;
    • Installation and commissioning of connections;
    • Network control and management of gas and electricity flows;
    • Provision and management of access to its networks, including specifications such as electric voltage, gas pressure and quality of gas provided to the access point;
    • Installation, maintenance and reading of meters and the processing of metering data, including the validation of these data;
    • Managing access to meter data and meter management related to green power generation installations;
    • Flexibility data management;
    • Management of faults and breakdowns;
    • Management of surveillance cameras for:
      • the protection of company assets;
      • the monitoring of its sites;
    • Public lighting data management;
    • Communication to users of the network information they need for efficient access to said network, including the use thereof; this communication can take the form of mailings, emails, fliers, etc. This communication may relate in particular to the actions around raising awareness of issues related to the use of electricity or gas. In any case, the communication of information is not for commercial purposes.
  • Fulfilment of legal and regulatory obligations. In particular:
    • communication obligations to the regional service responsible for the control of vacant properties in the Brussels-Capital Region (Article 15 of the Brussels Housing Code);
    • the obligation to communicate certain consumption data to the Social Security Database pursuant to Article 101 of the programme law (I) of 29 March 2012;
    • the data reporting obligations to BRUGEL and Brussels Environment as part of the information exchange provided for in the electricity and gas ordinances;
  • Performance of contracts to which the data subject is party. In particular:
    • the obligation to communicate consumption data to energy suppliers in order to bill the energy consumed;
    • the access services requested by the energy suppliers;
    • the obligation to communicate metering data to energy suppliers particularly for the flexibility tariffs;
  • Survey conducted on services and works performed by Sibelga, in order to improve the quality of the service;
  • Performance of the lease agreements or the rights in rem of the properties owned by Sibelga;
  • Examination of metering data to detect abnormal consumption;
  • Management of rights and obligations and billing of customers supplied by Sibelga as provider of last resort ("Protected Customers");
  • Management of the rights and obligations and billing of customers sup[plied by Sibelga in the context of non-billed consumption by a provider or by Sibelga, acting as a provider of last resort;
  • Management of complaints, including claims for compensation, and questions raised by the data subjects, including the Sibelga websites ( ;
  • Management of recovery of monies owed by gas or electricity network users in the context of administrative, technical or supply services;
  • Collaboration with Brugel, the regulatory authority for the energy market in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • Performance of contracts with subcontractors or other market players;
  • Information and communication to public representatives.


We share your information with certain public authorities on the basis of an appropriate legal basis or subcontractors to whom we are bound by contract.

Sibelga has also entered into access agreements with energy suppliers operating in the Brussels-Capital Region. Sibelga and these suppliers exchange end-user personal data to enable the smooth functioning of the Brussels energy market. This exchange of data is, however, organised in such a way as to meet the requirements for the protection of personal data.

In some cases, the data collected may be transmitted to third parties tasked with the recovery of unpaid arrears, be they bailiffs, lawyers, etc. The data can therefore be found in a court case file if Sibelga is forced to seek such extremes.

The data is not disclosed to third parties other than those mentioned in this policy, and is not used for promotional, commercial or direct marketing purposes.


Sibelga implements the necessary physical, technical and organisational measures to prevent any accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, unauthorised change, unauthorised disclosure or access, misuse, and any other illegal forms of processing personal data.


Sibelga process your data in the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected and in compliance with applicable regulations.


The protection regulations confer rights on the persons concerned. The exercise of these rights is free and are afforded as soon as possible and with the utmost due care and attention.

Each person may exercise the rights mentioned above by sending a written and signed request to:

  • Sibelga S.C.R.L.
    Data Protection Officer
    Quai des Usines, 16
    1000 Brussels

Proof of the identity of the person exercising their rights will be requested (copy of the identity card of the data subject and, if applicable, their power of attorney).

Proof of the identity of the person exercising their rights will be requested (copy of the identity card of the data subject and, if applicable, their power of attorney).

The rights of data subjects are:

  1. Right to information and access to data
  2. Right of rectification
  3. Right to deletion (“right to be forgotten”)
  4. Right to restriction of processing
  5. Right to data portability
  6. Right to object and automated individual decision making
  7. Right to apply to the Data Protection Authority

Each person may also contact the Data Protection Authority, where appropriate, to lodge a complaint:


Sibelga cooperates with the authorities and exchanges data as part of this cooperation on due legal or regulatory grounds.


This privacy policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in Sibelga's personal data protection practices and to reflect technical, legal and/or organisational developments.

Sibelga’s management committee is responsible for updating this policy to take into account the technical and legal developments regarding the protection of personal data. When an update affects to an important element of this policy, it will be decided upon by the Steering Committee.

These modifications will be made known to the public by their publication on the website

Previous versions of the policy on the processing of personal data will remain available on the Sibelga website.