Your electricity supplier offers you the possibility of paying a lower price for your electricity consumption during the night, as less power is used then.  This option does not apply for gas.


On 1 April, the day/night rate is changing timetable.

  • Only one timetable will apply for day and night rates for the whole of the Brussels Region: 7am-10pm/7am-10pm.
  • The night rate will now also apply during the day on public holidays, as is already the case on weekends.

These changes do not require any changes to be made to the meters nor will they involve a visit from a Sibelga technician. The changes will be implemented through the delivery of impulses.

Read our News page to find out more.

How does the dual hourly rate work?

Your meter box contains a meter for a single hourly rate or dual hourly rate.
The 'Dual hourly rate' electricity meter has two counters, which alternate at the start of each rate period:



  • Night rate
    You pay a lower rate at night and during the weekend and legal holidays.
    These periods are also known as off-peak times.
  • Day rate
    You pay a higher rate on working days from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm.
    These periods are also known as peak times.

N.B.: a meter with two counters is not necessarily connected to a dual hourly rate. All new meters have two counters, but you have to ask for them to be activated.

When is this advantageous?

For two weeks, note down the meter reading at 7.00 am and at 10.00 pm every day and from Friday evening until Monday morning to find out the weekend consumption. Then calculate your total day use and your evening and night use.

A few rules of thumb:

  • if your night and weekend consumption accounts for more than 50 % of the total, then it is in your interest to switch to the dual hourly rate.

  • if your night and weekend consumption accounts for more than 30 % of the total and you already have a dual-rate meter, then it is in your interest to retain the dual hourly rate.

  • in all other cases, it is best to retain or return to the single hourly rate single hourly rate.

Requesting the dual hourly rate

Do you wish to switch to a dual hourly rate? Ask for your existing connection to be modified (call 02 549 41 00).