Considering installing a home charging point ? Before making your choice, make sure you have all the information beforehand. The checklist below will help you.

Questions you should ask

1. To the car dealership or charging point supplier

  • Which charging mode is compatible with your electric vehicle ?
  • Which electrical set-up does this charging mode require (normal, semi-quick or quick) ?

2. To the charging point supplier

a) What are the features of your home installation ?

  • 230 or 400V ?
  • single-phase or three-phase ?
  • the power of your connection (in general, 40 A or 10 kVA for private homes)
  • whether or not a neutral conductor is needed ?

b) Which alterations or technical set-up are required ?

Now that you know which electric configuration you need for your charging point type and vehicle, you can specify together with your installation company which type of works or alterations need to be done.

c) Do you have enough capacity to fulfil all your energy needs ?

For household use as well as for charging your car ? Together at the same time ?

Bare your comfort in mind !
The charging point needs a lot of capacity. It is therefore safer to provide your installation with some extra capacity. You can then decide whether reinforcing the capacity of your connection really is necessary.

Contact Sibelga

If a new connection needs to be installed, the power needs to be raised or your existing installation to be adapted, here’s how to get in contact :

  • Submit an application with Sibelga.

    Make sure you duly specify that your application is intended to charge an electric vehicle. This will enable us to properly assist you with your plans.
  • One of our staff will contact you. 

    He/she will go through your application to gain a better understanding of your needs. As required, he/she will make an appointment with you for a technical on-site visit. In case of infeasibility, he/she will advise you on alternative solutions if necessary. Fitting an autotransformer or a different type of charging point, for example.
  • We send you our quote.

    As soon as we have received your payment, the works are assigned to the planning schedule and are carried out on the designated date.