The smart meter is an electronic meter with smart technology, which means that it is technically ready to communicate.

Currently, this smart meter is neither read nor operated remotely (eg for opening / closing or power adaptation).

The T210D is a three-phase meter.
Larger than the S210, it is recognisable by the colour of its case, which is green.

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How to read your meter

Overview of the display screen

Smart meter > écran d'affichage 
  1. Meter number

    This allows you to find your EAN code, for instance

  2. Index register

    1.81 = daytime consumption, 1.8.2 = night-time consumption ...

  3. Specification of the direction of energy

    To the right (→) = consumption; towards the left (←) = feed-in

  4. Specification of the current hourly rate

    T1 (day rate) / T2 (night rate)

  5. Index and value

    Meter reading, power consumption, power meter

  6. Measurement unit of value

    For instance, kWh, KW, KVA, etc.

  7. Technical data

    For the Sibelga engineers' use

Index registry

By default, 6 registers scroll on the screen. Press the green button to move to the next register. The 4 main index registers are:

1.8.1   consumption "day"
1.8.2   consumption "night"
2.8.1   injection "day"
2.8.2   injection "night"

Injection registers are reserved for production customers (eg installation of photovoltaic panels).

Dual hourly rate

Smart meters can measure your consumption as a single rate or dual hourly rate. The dual rate programming is the same for all municipalities in the Brussels region:

  •   day rate from 07:00 to 22:00
  •   night rate from 22:00 to 07:00, the weekends and on legal holidays

To find out which rate is applied for your billing, contact your energy supplier.

Meter reading

The Smart meters are still read manually, once a year, by one of our meter readers.

You will always have to provide us with the 4 meter readings, even if you are charged at single rate. In this case, daytime and night-time readings will be added together and billed at a single rate.

The meter (T210D)

Discover the details of your Smart meter type T210D.

smart meter type T210D 
  1. Display screen

    Display of indices and certain technical details

  2. Meter model

    Allows you to identify the meter model

  3. Meter number

    With this number you can find for your EAN code, for instance

  4. Indicator light

    - Left (kWh): flashes quicker or slower depending on your current power consumption

    - Right (kVArh): no useful function for residential consumers

  5. Index register

    Description of the main index registers

  6. Maintenance port

    Communication port for Sibelga engineers

  7. Seal

    This seal may not be broken under any circumstances

  8. Customer Port (Port P1)

    When connected to an interface, this allows you to check your consumption using a reading device available from specialist shops

  9. Indicator light

    Function with no current use

  10. Push button (green)

    Enables you to scroll through the information on the screen