As the ideal solution to your heating problems, you can hire a radiator from Sibelga under very advantageous terms.

For less than €20 a month, you can have a new and highly reliable natural gas radiator in your home, complete with thermostat that meets all safety standards.

Installation is free of charge! (*)

Before we come and install the appliance, a Sibelga technician will check whether it is possible to fit the radiator in total safety and in accordance with the applicable standards.

If his opinion is positive, we can draw up a hire contract and the regular Sibelga fitter will then install the radiator you have chosen free of charge.

(*) Besides the free installation, additional installation costs are possible if your installation has to be made compliant with the applicable standards. (e.g. installation of ventilation grids)

Guarantee, service and quality

All our appliances have a 24-month guarantee.

Sibelga bears the cost of any repairs, provided that the hirer of the appliance has had the radiator serviced by a regular Sibelga fitter between the 12th and the 14th month of the hire contract.

The hirer only pays to travel costs (€ 21.78 including VAT). These travel costs are also charged if the fitter has to travel pointlessly, for instance if you were out at the time of the appointment.

After 5 years...

At the end of the hire period, you are the owner of the radiator (and responsible for it).