The capacity limiter can be removed on condition that:

  • the repayment plan is observed;
  • 50% of the amounts owed to the energy supplier are cleared.

If you meet all the conditions, you can ask your energy supplier to have the capacity limiter removed. Sibelga does this on the orders of the commercial energy supplier, within a period of 15 days.

Is your dossier managed by the CPAS/OCMW?

If the energy supplier has passed your dossier on to the CPAS/OCMW, an additional condition applies that this centre must guarantee the follow-up of the customer and their family.
The CPAS/OCMW can then ask the energy supplier to have the capacity limiter removed.

What about the repayment plan after this?

If the remainder of the payment plan is subsequently not observed, and you do not have protected customer status, then 30 days after sending another formal notice the energy supplier can submit an application for the termination of contract to the justice of the peace.
During this period, the customer must also be assured an uninterrupted power supply. The supplier also has the possibility of fitting another capacity limiter if the previous one has been removed.