Meter readings and consumption

The meter reading

Every year, our meter readers come to your home to read the meters of the more than 1.2 million meters in Brussels.

This way, your energy supplier can send you a correct bill. We explain how it all works.

How to read your meter?

You don't have to be a gas or electricity meter specialist to be able to read your meter. Of course, the reading systems differ slightly depending on the type of meter. We are happy to give you a word of explanation.

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Meter reading calendar

In each municipality, our meter readers read all the meters according to a fixed calendar.  Find out when we visit your municipality.

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Recognising our meter readers

Eén keer per jaar komt één van onze meteropnemers bij jou langs. Maar hoe herken je een meteropnemer van Sibelga? En wie contacteren bij twijfel? 

More about our meter readers

Report your meter readings

Your meter reading must be reported annually or if you change energy supplier. In that case, you will receive a letter from us with a code.

Abnormal energy consumption?

Do you suspect a problem with your meter? A faulty meter is actually quite rare. First check a few things yourself. In this way you will avoid costs for our tests.

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Energy consumption calculation

Your consumption is billed on the basis of kilowatt hours (kWh), regardless of the energy source.  We explain exactly how we calculate this.

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Estimated consumption

If we cannot read your meter or if you haven't reported it, we have to estimate your meter reading and pass it on to your energy supplier.

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