Sibelga is currently installing two types of smart meters of the latest generation: the S211 (single-phase) and the T211 (three-phase).

These same meters are also being installed in Flanders (Fluvius) and Wallonia (Ores).
Learn more about the difference between a single-phase and a three-phase connection.

In contrast to the mechanical meter with turning wheel, which is manually read, the smart meter works as follows: 

  • It records consumption at various times of the day, every day of the week, and stores it in its memory.
  • You can view consumption data on a convenient LCD screen. No more hassle with the traditional turning wheel!
  • The data is electronically sent to the grid operator. This is done via 4G, similar to your mobile phone.
  • In case of suspected fraud (if someone tries to open the cover), the device also sends an alarm to the grid operator.
  • Conversely, we as the grid operator can also remotely check the meter.

The smart meter offers not only many advantages for the consumer but also for various players in the energy market.

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How to read these meters? And what are the different components? Find out more.
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The smart meter in detail

The meter display

How to read the smart meter?