How to connect an electric vehicle charging station?

Sibelga is here to guide you with detailed technical specifications suitable for every possible scenario!

How long does it take to charge your electric vehicle? What power can I install? Do I have the necessary connections? And if I live in an apartment building, how should I proceed? Sibelga has all the answers for you!

Technical specifications adapted to each situation

Sibelga has developed technical specifications for every case:

You are sure to find the information you need to install charging stations by the book.

Professionals who wish can also download our detailed technical specifications.

Valuable advice for apartment buildings

Did you know, for example, that it is discouraged, or even forbidden in some cases, to place a charging station behind your own electric meter? This is especially the case when you live in a building with more than 3 apartments, 3 parking spaces, or 3 independent garages.

Everything is explained in our video

Thanks to Sibelga, you will avoid common mistakes and enjoy optimal charging. To clear up any doubts, we have created a comprehensive explanatory video for apartment buildings. You will find all the necessary details to understand the different steps and make the right decisions.

Explore our dedicated pages to learn more

If you are curious to learn more about the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, check out our dedicated pages.

You will find clear information, practical advice, a charging time simulator, and many other useful pieces of information to successfully carry out your project in every situation.