If we are planning works in your street, you will be notified at least 15 days before the works begin. We are also at your disposal during and after the works for any questions you may have!

We do our utmost to minimise inconvenience caused by works in the streets of Brussels.  

However, some work sites inevitably cause some disruption, such as the opening up of pavements, the diversion of traffic or temporary interruption of the gas or electricity supply. 

In any case, Sibelga will keep you informed. We are at your disposal before, during and after the works.  

Before the works: we notify you  

When works are planned, we notify all local residents 15 days' notice. If you are affected, you will receive a detailed information sheet as well as an explanatory brochure in your letterbox. 

When works are likely to affect the activities of shops or other public access buildings (nurseries, schools, performance venues, consulates, etc.), our works site mediator comes into play.  

His or her role? To act as an interface between Sibelga, the contractors, the municipality and the retailers, and other managers of affected buildings. 

Find out more about the work site mediator 

During the works: we answer your questions 

Do you have questions about a current project? Throughout the duration of the roadworks, you can:  

  • read the explanatory signs placed around the work site;   
  • meet with the supervisor on site; 
  • call the freephone number 0800 117 46 (on weekdays during office hours); 
  • see the overview of ongoing works on this website. 

Also, if you notice a problem on a works site, call: 

  • in case of a work site emergency: 0800 117 46  
  • in case you smell gas: 0800 19 4000 
  • in case of a widespread power failure: 02 274 40 66 
  • in case of a water leak: 02 739 52 11 

After the works: we ensure the follow-up 

Once the works have been completed, we remain at your disposal if you notice even a minor problem.  

In addition, you will be invited to participate in a satisfaction survey. Please do not hesitate to send us your comments: your answers will help us to further improve our management of works.  

A power cut or a concern about gas following works in your street? Report it. But first, check whether we are already aware of the fault. See our list of current faults and our list of scheduled interruptions. Is the fault in your street not included on our lists? Contact us quickly.