Who are we?

Sibelga is the operator of the electricity and natural gas distribution networks for the 19 municipalities in the Brussels-Capital Region.


Guaranteeing uninterrupted access to electricity, gas and public lighting for every inhabitant of Brussels is one of Sibelga's core tasks. Every day we work on an efficient energy network that is ready for the future.


We manage your consumption data and pass it on to your energy supplier. We do this by reading your meter readings annually or via smart meters.

Street lighting

Through innovative projects, we want to make the energy transition of our city possible. We help Brussels to prepare for the climate targets and improve the quality of life of all Brussels residents.

Installing a charging station?

Discover how to install a home charging station now. Suitable for apartment residents as well!
Check the regulations that apply to you.

Electric charging

If you're thinking of buying an electric car, you're probably wondering what to expect in terms of power and connection types.

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Sustainable energy

Many Brussels residents are switching to local green energy consumption. This is possible by installing photovoltaic panels, but also by participating in an energy community.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a public service, Corporate Social Responsibility has been central to our day-to-day operations for many years. We would like to give an insight into what we stand for.

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We created Energuide.be – a total concept comprising a website, a magazine and a newsletter about energy in Brussels.


Always lit, but not with a simple switch

More than 88,000 light points illuminate the municipal roads of our capital city every day. As night falls, the street lights come on, and they go off at dawn. But who is actually controlling all that light?

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