Smart meters

Why the smart meter?

Why does Sibelga install smart meters?
What advantages does the smart meter currently offer you?

The Smart Meter – What is it?

What is a smart meter?

The Smart Meter - Port P1 / Client Port

What is the client port or P1? P1 ?
Quels appareils puis-je utiliser pour capter mes données à partir du compteur intelligent ?
Can I refuse the placement of a smart meter?

Target audience / For who?

Can I request a smart meter?
Am I concerned about the smart meter?


How much will it cost me to install a smart meter?
Does the deployment of smart meters have a financial impact on the people of Brussels?

The smart gas meter

Does Sibelga install smart gas meters?


Does the smart meter have negative effects on health, the environment ...?
Does the smart meter increase exposure to electromagnetic waves?


Is the reliability of the smart meter guaranteed? How?

Privacy Policy

How does Sibelga guarantee my privacy?
Can I find out what electrical appliances I use if I have a smart meter?
Can you tell when I'm home, if I have a smart meter?

Data security

What does Sibelga do to guarantee the security of my data?

Prosumers / Injection and smart meter

Injection and consumption index. What does that mean?
I want to become a prosumer. Do I need a smart meter?
I'm a prosumer. What are the advantages offered by the smart meter?

Recording / Reading / Billing with a Smart Meter

How can I get my consumption data (meter reading) on the Smart meter?
Sibelga just put a smart meter in my house. Will a meter reader come by and take my readings?
What are the series of numbers that appear on my meter, do all the indexes have to be read?
Billing: what changes with the smart meter?
Does the smart meter read my consumption or does it perform technical actions (opening...) remotely?

Practical info

Where can I find my meter number? What does it correspond to?
What information can I read on the Smart Meter display screen?
Are there different types of smart meters?
How do I know if the smart meter is closed?
Does the smart meter work in the event of a power outage?
Does the smart meter need to be reset after a power outage?
You have a smart meter, but no electricity. What should you do?
You have no power and your circuit breaker is on. Why is this?

Installation work

Who comes to install the smart meter?
Will the electricity be cut off while my meter is replaced with a smart meter? For how long?