Smart meters

Target audience / For who?

Can I request a smart meter?
Can I refuse to have a smart meter installed?
Who is affected by the smart meter?

What changes for the customer / Advantages

What are the benefits of the smart meter?

Tarif / costs / Invoicing

Billing: what changes are there with the smart meter?
Can I change rate with the smart meter?
What rate does my meter run on?

Statement / Reading

How can I get my consumption data (meter reading) on the Smart meter?
Sibelga has just put a smart meter in my house. Will a meter reader still come and read my meter?

Remote function

Can Sibelga work on my meter remotely?

Autoproducers / Injection

Feed-in and consumption reading. What does this mean?

P1 port / Customer port

What is the customer or Port P1 ?

Technical problem

I have a smart meter but I have no electricity. What should I do?