Attention: since the beginning of 2022 Sibelga no longer places power limiters

A capacity limiter is a system that restricts the electrical capacity of the electricity meter to 2,300 watts. It is fitted at the request of the energy supplier if a customer has difficulty paying his electricity bill. This system does not exist for gas meters.

What steps does the energy supplier take?

If you don’t pay your bill, the energy supplier sends a first reminder. If there is no response to this, it sends a formal notice. If there is still no response after seven days, the supplier puts forward a repayment plan and can start the procedure for fitting a capacity limiter.

In this formal notice, the energy supplier states that it will also inform the CPAS/OCMW.
If you do NOT want your dossier to be handed over to the CPAS/OCMW, you have to inform your energy supplier of your refusal by registered letter within ten days. In that case, the dossier is passed on to the justice of the peace.

Having examined the needs of the customer, the CPAS/OCMW can ask the supplier to fit a 4,600-watt capacity limiter (instead of 2,300 watts).

Sibelga will then finally fit the capacity limiter at the request of your energy supplier. Sibelga bears the cost of fitting the capacity limiter.

Right to 'protected customer’ status

After the first formal notice, you can also apply for ‘protected customer’ status.

If you do not apply for protected customer status, the supplier is obliged to serve the supply point without interruption for 60 days after a capacity limiter has been fitted, before it can submit an application to terminate the contract to the justice of the peace. This allows the customer time to negotiate a repayment plan.

Not a budget meter

Unlike in Flanders and Wallonia, no budget meters are installed. So consumers are not left without power if they have used up their budget.