Better monitoring of your consumption

Using a commercially available reading device, you can connect to the smart meter, read your consumption data in real time from the customer port (Port P1) and view it on your smartphone or tablet through an interface.
Better knowledge of your energy consumption gives you better control over it.

A meter for prosumers and compatible with different tariffs

If you want to install solar panels, or become a prosumer and produce your own electricity, you will not need to change your meter, nor will you need to change from a single to a dual tariff or vice versa. 

The smart meter is a meter that measures both the consumption and the injection of electricity into the grid. 
It can measure your consumption in single or dual tariff.

The possibility of participating in innovative projects

Depending on the possibilities and technical feasibility, thanks to the smart meter, you will be able to: join an energy community, opt for smart charging of your electric car or join a project on various themes such as electricity storage, heating, smart buildings and houses, or renewable energy...

Simplification of certain procedures and access to customised services

The smart meter is an electronic meter with smart technology. It is technically ready to communicate. At present, however, it will not be read or operated remotely (e.g. to open, close or adjust the power of the meter).

In the future, customers who have the smart meter will be able to access tailor-made services, depending on their energy consumption and production: dynamic tariffs, consumption history, energy advice, etc..