Smart meters help you accurately track your consumption or injection and save energy. Eventually, they will also be able to offer personalised services and carry out certain operations remotely.

You've just received your brand new smart meter, and you're asking yourself: what can I do with it? 

You now have in your hands an invaluable tool for sustainable energy management. By allowing you to closely track your consumption, it will help you to identify the devices that consume the most energy and replace them with more efficient alternatives.

Smart meters are also a key link in the energy transition. Eventually, they will enable energy suppliers, for example, to offer dynamic rates or invoicing based on your actual monthly consumption.

What are the uses of a smart meter?


Track your consumption in real time

Smart meters have a user port, called the port P1, a to which you can connect energy monitoring and management devices.

These accessories allow you to track, in real time, the consumption of your electrical devices, via a mobile application or website. So you can:

  • Actively manage your consumption, for example by consuming when you produce electricity;
  • Better anticipate your adjustment invoice;
  • More easily monitor the consumption of your devices in standby mode.

Bear in mind, however, that these devices generally require a Wi-Fi connection, which is not always possible in a cellar, for example. 

Find these devices on

Connect smart devices

Smart meters also allow you to connect smart devices, such as "smart" charging stations, which optimise the charging of electric vehicles.

If you produce your own energy, using solar panels for example, you can automatically start charging your electric vehicle when your panels are producing electricity.

Smart charging systems also make it possible to distribute the available power between an electric vehicle and household appliances. This means you can install a variety of devices without having to increase the power of your connection.


My Sibelga app

As well as accessing this data via the port P1, you'll also be able to view your consumption data with our  My Sibelga app

We're still busy developing our app. Just a little longer, and as a resident of Brussels, you'll soon be able to track your daily consumption and any injections free of charge.

The My Sibelga app is free and doesn't require any Wi-Fi or internet connection.

A few features

  • Your consumption in the form of illustrated graphs.
  • The option to add meters for third parties, such as family members or friends.
  • A comparison of your actual consumption with your expected consumption, offering a monthly and an annual view.
  • All readings sent to your supplier.

Send readings automatically

If you give Sibelga your consent for remote reading, you will no longer have to give your electricity meter reading yourself or wait for a meter reader. It will automatically be sent to your energy supplier. 

Actual monthly invoicing

If you wish, you can even ask your supplier to invoice your actual consumption on a monthly basis. If you do this, you'll be invoiced differently each month, instead of having an instalment spread over the whole year. 

Dynamic rates

You can opt for electricity contracts that use dynamic rates. This means that the hourly price of energy will vary based on energy market rates, which allows you to ensure your consumption, like charging an electric vehicle coincides with the times when rates are lowest.

Personalised services

You can give access to your data to other stakeholders in the energy transition. Specialised companies, for example, can offer you a range of services. 

  • Energy contracts tailored to your consumption habits.
  • Flexibility services to play an active part in balancing the network.
  • Alerting you if they detect abnormal consumption.

Developing potential

At present, Sibelga is not yet exploiting all the features that smart meters offer. Nor can they be read remotely for the time being, except if you explicitly request it, or in certain circumstances:

But, from 2024, and even more so from 2025, you'll be able to get more out of your smart meter.