Power outages

In the event of a power outage, we try to communicate this as soon as possible, along with an estimated end time. Follow the progress of outages on our site as well as on twitter.

View the current power outages

Planned power interruptions

Maintaining a high-performance network requires maintenance. That is why we have to carry out work on a regular basis.  Affected residents are informed personally.

View all planned power interruptions

Faulty street lighting

Street lighting is important in a city like Brussels.  If you notice a defect, report it to us immediately! Or view and track the status of defects already reported.

Report a failure

Meter problems

A problem with your electricity or gas meter? We explain how to deal with the different meter problems.

View the solutions

Smell of gas

Do you smell gas in your home, building or on the street? In a few steps, you can make yourself safe and know who to contact.

What to do when you smell gas

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Experiencing headaches? Impaired vision? You might be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. What are the symptoms? How to react? How can it be prevented?

Everything you need to know

Road works

Renewing our energy network is important in order to continue supplying everyone with energy in the future.  Of course, this requires us to do work in the street. Not always obvious in an urban environment.

All about our road works


We created Energuide.be – a total concept comprising a website, a magazine and a newsletter about energy in Brussels.