In accordance with the provisions of the "Joint Decree and Order of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Joint Community Commission and the French Community Commission with regard to disclosure of the administration in Brussels institutions (16/5/2019)", hereafter you will find the following information:

The previous year's inventories are published annually by 1 April at the latest.

Find out more about the decree and the order.

Powers, organisation and operation

You can find a description of Sibelga's powers, organisation and operation on the structure, management bodies and management committee pages.

Inventory of subsidies

An inventory of subsidies awarded, including the recipient, the purpose of the subsidy and its amount;

  • Not applicable in 2023

Inventory of studies

An inventory of the studies carried out in 2023 on behalf of the administrative authority, provided that they were carried out by an external partner. For each study, the inventory gives the identity of its author, i.e. the name of the natural or legal person to whom the study was assigned and its cost;

Inventory of public contracts

Below is an inventory of all public contracts approved by Sibelga, BNO an Interfin.

Mandates and remuneration

Find all the information on the corporate officers' remuneration page


All our employment opportunities are published on