More than ever, the energy sector is facing profound changes. The transition is under way and the energy landscape is having to reinvent itself at an incredible speed. To achieve this, the Brussels-Capital Region is reiterating its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050: our strategy will help to achieve these ambitions.

Our mission & vision 

Our mission? To ensure reliable and quality access to energy for all Brussels customers. To fulfil this essential mission, Sibelga wants to become a key partner in an energy transition that is accessible and affordable for everyone. 

To address climate change, the decline of fossil fuels and to improve our energy independence, a full-blown energy transition is under way.

You can see it every day: more and more photovoltaic panels are appearing on roofs, electric mobility is developing in Brussels, new technologies are appearing in our homes, such as smart meters, and so on.

For Sibelga, it is essential that everyone can benefit from this energy transition, regardless of their profile or income. 

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Our challenges

In the short term, Sibelga wants to tackle three major challenges:  

  1. Facilitate local renewable energy production in Brussels; 
  2. Ensure the transition to sustainable mobility, which will be largely electric; 
  3. 3. Prepare the future of heating in Brussels.

To do this, our strategy is based on 3 main areas:

1.    Integrating new uses into networks and markets, for example by supporting the development of energy communities, integrating measurement tools into the network and reinforcing the network in a sensible way, taking into account long-term needs. 

2.    Facilitating the energy transition for all customers, for example by coordinating the deployment of a network of public charging stations for electric vehicles or by supporting public authorities in renovating their buildings. 

3.    Transforming the way we operate to be ever more efficient: for example, by digitising our processes, limiting the urban footprint of our infrastructure, etc. 

A future to build together

Sibelga is not alone in its pursuit of these challenges. We are part of a whole chain of actors involved in energy: producers, suppliers, other network operators, regulators, public authorities... and consumers! 

Indeed, consumers are increasingly being called upon to play an active role in the energy transition. For example, by adapting their energy consumption to times when it is available in abundance or by sharing locally produced green energy collectively.

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Download our strategic vision
Find out more about our 3 strategic axes
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