A stress-free move: it’s all a question of organisation!
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A stress-free move: it’s all a question of organisation!

Are you moving to Brussels? Are you leaving the capital for new horizons? Sibelga provides you with the tools to move to or from Brussels  with total peace of mind.

Packing boxes, redirecting mail, collecting keys ... There are 1001 things to think about when a move is on the cards! And forgetting one of them could spell disaster ... Failing to notify your energy provider of a change of address for example. 

You’d be in for a nasty surprise: no more electricity or heating

Every year, dozens of Brussels’ residents suddenly find that their meters have been closed. In most cases, this is due to an oversight, a misunderstanding, or lack of awareness of the procedures to follow when they move to Brussels. 

What happens is that they move into their new nest without having notified their energy supplier and therefore consume energy ... without a contract

After a moment, the energy supplier of the previous occupant, who had maintained the meter open while waiting for a new resident, asks Sibelga to close the meter

An investigation is opened and Sibelga tries by all means to get in touch with the new occupant to inform them of this oversight. If they fail to react, the meters are simply closed! 

To get access to gas and electricity, the new occupant then has to re-open the meters at their own expense. This procedure takes several days, and in the meantime there is neither heating nor electricity in the accommodation. Not the best way to make a new start!

Tools to help you move to Brussels without forgetting anything!

To avoid this kind of mishap and all the other problems that may arise, Sibelga has reviewed the “Moving House” section of its website. You will find:

    • A personalised support module: just answer a few questions, and it tells you exactly what to do in your situation! Give your email address and you can even be sent a summary of the steps you need to take and reminders of key dates by email.
    • Straightforward instructional videos.
    • A downloadable PDF checklist so as not to forget anything, whether it’s energy-related or something else.
    • Frequently asked questions to find the answers to all your questions.

This means a stress-free move (or almost!) and no nasty surprises!

Are you about to move to Brussels? Be prepared, and visit our new Moving House page now.  

Do you have friends, acquaintances or family members who are packing their boxes? Feel free to forward the information to them!