Charging points on street lamps?
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Charging points on street lamps?

This is now possible in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre! At a press conference on 5 May, we unveiled the first charging points for electric vehicles built in to street lamps. 

A unique project in Belgium completed in less than a year 

And who was behind this innovative project? Alexandre Pirson, Alderman for Digital Transition and Mobility, in close cooperation with Sibelga. 

The first public charging point was installed on Avenue Charles Thielemans after several months of expert work to finalise the project.

In concrete terms, the charging station on Avenue Charles Thielemans has a 7.4 kW charging point. This represents a charge of 20 km (daily travel of a Brussels resident) in only 30 minutes (assuming the car consumes 15 kWh/100km). The vehicle's charge level can be viewed at any time via the dedicated 

When street lamps become charging points

Installing electric vehicle charging points on public lamp posts is a good idea in several respects!

The first benefit?

Using public lamp posts to install charging stations reduces costs. For example, it’s no longer necessary to plan additional facilities on the street. In addition, the point will rely on the lamp's infrastructure and be even more protected from external damage, lightening its structure and... reducing its cost!

The second advantage?

This solution makes it possible to limit the amount of street furniture in the public space. In fact, we are pooling existing street infrastructure to improve traffic flow: all to benefit the people of Brussels!

To be continued

Finally, if this innovative solution spreads, the target of installing 11,000 charging stations in public spaces by 2035 can be achieved. 

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