Ixelles: cutting-edge installations in an art deco building
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Ixelles: cutting-edge installations in an art deco building

A large art deco building is situated a stone's throw from Ixelles hospital. It is difficult to imagine seen from the outside that this 1910-1920s building is home to the most modern electrical installations. Even if the "electricity sub-station" marking engraved on the façade leaves little doubt as to its use. Why don't we take a look inside...

An electrical station

In its basement, this old building houses a Sibelga-owned medium voltage secondary transmission line substation,  which supplies a huge area of Ixelles. The installation has been dubbed the "Verhaeren substation" after the Flemish poet . 

All the technical installations of the substation that dated from 1963, have recently been replaced.

Long-term renovation

If we are going to be replacing and renovating installations anyway, we might as well make them last for the long term! The new distribution panel is cutting-edge technology. In fact it is the first of this type to be installed for the medium voltage distribution grids in Belgium. It will meet today's requirements as well the changes that the electricity distribution grid will experience over the next few decades.

A new space

After the grid was restructured, we were able to relocate the technical facility to the basement, clearing a total of 1,100 m² inside the building. Sibelga is now looking at a variety of possibilities to reassign this space.