New heating installation for Sportcity in 3 months: super speedy!
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New heating installation for Sportcity in 3 months: super speedy!

This summer, our NRClick team faced a major challenge: the replacement of the entire heating system at the Sportcity Sports Centre in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre between June and September.  

The reason for this tight timing? The presence, in the building, of the municipal swimming pool, which needed to be able to accommodate classes from 2 September. Upgrading the heating system of such an infrastructure is no small feat... 

The NRClick programme aims to reduce the energy consumption of Brussels' public buildings. In concrete terms, public authorities can benefit from various services such as support from Sibelga in the organisation and monitoring of energy efficiency improvement works in their buildings.   

Phase 1: Preparation and strategy 

This kind of project cannot be put together in a few weeks. Two years before the actual start of the work, a first preliminary study was carried out for this project, at the request of the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. 

Sportcity's heating system was already fairly old, and it was time to consider replacing it. The objective was to improve the performance of the installation, achieving both energy savings as well as operating cost savings. 

This initial analysis of possible areas for improvement made it possible to rule out some options and confirm others. The study itself could then begin. "Before the work, only one central boiler room heated the swimming pool, the tennis hall and part of a nearby school. After analysis, we realised that it was preferable to treat these 3 zones separately because they each have specific needs and different schedules," explains Gaétane Sommereyns, NRClick Project Manager. 

The heating requirements of the swimming pool, tennis hall and school were each given careful consideration. In particular, it was decided to replace the heat emitters in the tennis hall and to build a boiler room within the school to limit heat loss.  

Phase 2: Kick-off 

In June 2019, the pool closes its doors to swimmers. After 2 years of preparation, it's time to get started!  "Three months may seem like a long time, but in reality, the deadlines were even shorter: it takes time to empty the pool and dismantle the installation at the start of the work and refill it at the end of the work. In practical terms, it was necessary to be able to fill the pool by the 15th of August at the latest, so that it had time to heat and so that we could react in the event of a leak," says Gaétane. 

This tight timing proved all the more restrictive as the work took place during the building holiday period. "Staff worked throughout the period, but holidays, supplier closures, etc. had to be taken into account." 

Regarding the tennis hall, switching off the heating did not pose a problem, given the temperature. "On the other hand, we had to take into account the competition schedule and organise the work accordingly," notes Gaétane. 

Finally, in the school, it was necessary to build a room to standards to accommodate the new boiler room, with fire-resistant walls, a new chimney, etc. Although the timing was a little more flexible (the heating comes on in October), there was a need for hot water from September. 


Phase 3: Arrival and applause 

n the end, the team rose to the challenge admirably, and even received congratulations from the mayor of the town, Benoît Cerexhe. On 8 November a site visit took place attended by the mayor, Antoine Bertrand, Alderman for Energy, our CEO Marie-Pierre Fauconnier, and the technical teams of the municipality and Sibelga. 

In total, this fruitful collaboration between Sibelga and the municipality should generate a potential saving of 150 tonnes of CO2/year (the equivalent of 31 circuits of the earth by car). 

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