Night work at the Montgomery roundabout is over!
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Night work at the Montgomery roundabout is over!

In recent weeks, Sibelga's teams have worked hard every night to renovate an electricity substation beneath the Montgomery roundabout. 

For several weeks, Pascal, who is in charge of modernising Sibelga's electricity stations, and his colleagues, have been on a war footing from one minute past midnight to one minute to six every morning. Their mission? To replace an electricity substation under the Montgomery roundabout – an electrical installation that “distributes" energy to several high-voltage stations. The key issues were greater safety, cheaper maintenance and gaining space. 

Painstaking work divided into several phases

Such a facility cannot be replaced on the hoof. Each phase of the project took several months to complete:

  • Phase 1: Disconnection of existing installations. So as not to deprive residents of electricity, they have been supplied via other electricity substations.
  • Phase 2: dismantling and removal of the old installations.
  • Phase 3: civil engineering works and the fitting of new cells.

Phase 3, which finished at the beginning of December, required traffic to be interrupted for a few hours. During this time, bulky equipment was brought into the substation via the road tunnels.

Why work at night?

In Brussels, to limit the inconvenience for the city’s residents and commuters, we can only stop traffic at night. 

If you've been driving at night, you might have been forced to take a detour. Well, it was for a good cause! Unknown to you, our colleagues were working a few metres under your wheels... 

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