NRClick: more efficient heating for the Etterbeek highway maintenance depot
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NRClick: more efficient heating for the Etterbeek highway maintenance depot

The Etterbeek road maintenance depot now has a brand new and energy efficient heating system. The work was coordinated by Sibelga.

As part of the NRClick programme, local and regional authorities and public bodies in Brussels can call on Sibelga to help them make their buildings more energy efficient. Etterbeek seized the opportunity to refurbish the heating system in the municipal building occupied by the staff who look after highway maintenance.

Rethinking heating from A to Z 

After 30 years of loyal service, it was time to change the boiler at the Etterbeek highway maintenance depot. Rather than simply replacing it, the local authority decided to call upon Sibelga's NRClick team to help them entirely rethink the installation and provide support. Basically they wanted to analyse the heating needs of the building in detail and the possibilities for improving it.

Gaétane Sommereyns, project manager at Sibelga, said: "In consultation with the municipality of Etterbeek, we decided to equip the site with a condensing boiler and a brand new control system, with thermostatic valves on each radiator. We have also upgraded the boiler room.” 

It should be noted that this work took place in the middle of winter: a real challenge for the teams who had to ensure the comfort of the occupants by installing a temporary mobile boiler!

Optimisation at all levels

In redesigning a building’s heating system, the way its occupants use it obviously has to be taken into account. In this case, the building consists of different areas occupied at different times of day. It was decided to supply them via separate circuits: "We planned one circuit for offices, another for the cafeteria and a third for the showers. Because of this division, we can apply separate time schedules to each area of the building, depending on when it’s occupied. This will optimise consumption,” said Sommereyns. The concierge's apartment is permanently occupied and has its own condensing boiler. 

Finally, the production of domestic hot water for the staff showers will be provided by 30 m² of thermal solar panels, which will be installed on the roof as soon as weather conditions permit.

35% less CO2

The NRClick team estimates a reduction in consumption of more than 35%, or 17.6 tonnes of CO2 per year. "This estimate remains very theoretical," said Sommereyns. "It will take several months to measure the results exactly. The NRClick Scan app will accurately compare consumption data before and after the work. 

And how does the local authority see this collaboration with Sibelga? “In a nutshell: great! We have good communication with the Sibelga team, which allows for proper discussion,” said Guillaume d'Haese, project manager at Etterbeek Municipal Council.

What will encourage other local authorities to follow in Etterbeek’s footsteps? 

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