Our city, our solidarity, our support
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Our city, our solidarity, our support

Sibelga and Brussels are one. Every day, our teams roam the city. There is not one street, not one house that we do not know. Brussels is our city. A city we love.

Our solidarity

The attacks have affected us all profoundly. We all know someone, either directly or indirectly, who is among the victims, who was close to the places targeted by the attacks, who takes this same underground line, who lives in the neighbourhoods where the raids are taking place, who works or who was at the airport. Our thoughts go out above all to the victims and their family, but also to all those affected by this situation.

Our support

As a public service, we have also unfortunately been faced with times of crisis. We know that these moments call for superhuman efforts from us all. That is why we also want to offer our support to the other public services in Brussels that are working in very difficult conditions.  These services include in particular our colleagues from Brussels public transport, the police, the fire and ambulance services and the hospitals, as well as the Brussels authorities.

In the meantime, we will continue to do our work. We will carry on supplying Brussels with the energy it needs to carry on living.