Sibelga, partner of the 303030 City Climate Challenge
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Sibelga, partner of the 303030 City Climate Challenge

This initiative, launched by BECI, aims to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.Sibelga and 19 other Brussels companies are committing to it by launching 30 collaborative projects.

Our expertise working for the City and its inhabitants

We play a fundamental role in Brussels: bringing all citizens and businesses the energy they need round the clock, every day! But that's not all. We also play a role in society and aim to be an example in our industry. That's why in 2012, among other things we launched the Energuide platform. Its purpose? To support people at every step as they make their energy choices and to answer all their questions. We also work with the Brussels-Capital Region and Brussels Environment as part of the SolarClick project (installing solar panels on the roofs of public buildings) and NRClick (improving the energy efficiency of public buildings).We can also count on more than 11 combined heat and power facilities. In short, there’s no lack of initiatives

A clear commitment to energy transition

BECI, the employers' organisation for the Brussels-Capital Region, has just published the "City Climate Challenge Charter 303030" under which participating companies are resolutely committed to a climate and energy transition approach. They want to present 30 specific actions to the authorities by March 2020.

By actively collaborating on this project, Sibelga will contribute to improving the quality of life of all citizens of Brussels by helping to meet the Brussels Region’s climate ambitions. The world of energy is changing very quickly and Sibelga wants to reinforce its role as a driving force for energy transition.

More specifically

Sibelga wants to help the Region meet the Paris Agreements through specific, innovative projects. The possibilities are endless.

  • Greening of its fleet and that of the public authorities
  • Extending the SolarClick programme
  • Investments in combined heat and power to increase renewable production
  • Shared, green, local consumption
  • Help with Brussels building renovation
  • etc.