Sibelga resumes management of green meters
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Sibelga resumes management of green meters

From 1st December, the calculation of green electricity production will be done by Sibelga and no longer by Brugel. The calculation of green certificates however remains under Brugel's management.

The Bruxelles-Capitale Region has around 4,200 decentralised electricity production installations.

These are customers who produce electricity, mainly with solar panels, as well as from cogeneration or wind power.

The amount of green energy produced by these installations is recorded by a 'green meter'.  This green meter, which is in addition to the standard meter, records the installation's gross green energy production.  Thanks to the index reading, a certain number of green certificates are granted to each producer based on the amount produced by the installation.

Centralisation of energy reading

Until now, Brugel, the Brussels energy regulator, collected green meter readings, validated them and calculated the green production. It granted the green certificates on this basis.

Now, Brugel will continue to grant the green certificates, but Sibelga will manage the readings.

The Brussels network has more than a million gas and electricity meters. The counting, reading and validation of consumption data is therefore truly part of Sibelga's core business.

New "Green Meter" platform for entering green readings

For Brussels self-producers, change is on the horizon

Whoever wants to produce their electricity must go via Sibelga to: 

- Have a two-way electronic meter installed

- Obtain the certificate for their installation

- Enter their green readings each quarter on the new platform 

Find more info on this topic at

The calculation of green certificates remains with Brugel

When you have entered green readings on, Sibelga sends the green electricity production data to Brugel. The regulator then calculates the number of green certificates granted and provides them on