Temporary time difference in Saint-Josse
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Temporary time difference in Saint-Josse

A curious phenomenon has been highlighted by the residents of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode who found that some clocks were fast. Sibelga holds the key to this mystery...

The inhabitants of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode noticed a strange phenomenon for a few days: their clocks were ahead of the rest of the world! A new curiosity in the home of Surrealism? A timezone just for one Brussels district?

Er, no, the explanation is much more rational...  

It all started on 7 September...

...with a break in an important water pipeline under the Chaussée de Louvain in Saint-Josse. Our teams temporarily made the local power grid safe and installed two electricity generators to supply the neighbouring inhabitants. 

The frequency of the generators was set slightly above the 50 Hertz that is normal on European power grids. This was necessary in order to prevent damage to the device due to possible uncontrolled  injections of power emanating from solar panels, cogeneration units or windmills. And it is this abnormally high frequency that disrupted the clocks that are set by this electrical frequency.

Return to normal 

The generators have been removed by now and everything is back to normal for the inhabitants concerned. So, no more time difference within the City of Brussels!