Ten environmental gestures by Sibelga
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Ten environmental gestures by Sibelga

As a grid manager, Sibelga also makes sure that it cuts energy consumption on its site.
Sibelga has held the title of ecodynamic business since 2012 and does not hold back in its efforts to continue to reduce the impact of its Brussels site on the environment. Discover how in this article!

1. Construction of a passive building

In 2012, Sibelga completed the construction of a passive building on its site. This is especially fitted with "solatubes" that bring the natural light inside the building, a green roof and a rainwater recovery system, which is reused to adjust the temperature for part of the year.

2. Renovation of technical facilities

All the technical facilities in Sibelga buildings have been renovated over the last ten years (lighting, boiler room, ventilation, cold production, etc.). At the same time, the adjustment parameters have been adapted and are constantly refined. We are now consuming half as much gas and electricity as in 2007!

3. Improving the insulation

Sibelga makes a point of improving the roof, wall, floor and pipe insulation during all renovation work on the site.

4. Accurate energy monitoring

NRClick, the energy consumption monitoring application used in the Brussels municipalities, is also used on the Sibelga premises. The data collected provide us with an overview of our consumption, allowing us to take the necessary corrective actions at all times.

5. Installing solar panels

Thermal solar panels can heat water for showers on the site; a few photovoltaic panels also serve to reduce our electricity purchases or to charge electric cars!

6. Replacing projectors in the meeting rooms

LED monitors and projectors have replaced the old models in our meeting rooms.

7. Thermography and infiltrometry studies

These tests are used to detect places with insufficient insulation and to take the necessary measures.

8. Installing a mini wind turbine

We have a mini wind turbine on our site. While it is far from producing enough electricity for our needs, it has the merit of raising public awareness (internal and external) of this technology.

9. Installing a Villo! Station

Sibelga has its own Villo! station at the entrance to the site. No more excuses for not cycling to work!

10. Installing hives

Hives have been installed on one of the roofs of our buildings. Sibelga is thus helping to protect bees and biodiversity.

Bruxelles Environnement has recognised Sibelga as an Ecodynamic Business since 2009. This label rewards the efforts made and the initiatives developed by businesses in waste management, energy consumption, mobility and the rational use of raw materials.