A nice bright warm nest takes planning!
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A nice bright warm nest takes planning!

Are you moving to Brussels soon?Think now about taking the necessary steps to have your electricity and gas supply up and running as soon as you arrive in your new home.

In most cases, having the meters transferred to your name is not rocket science: fill in a form with the previous occupant or owner of your new home, ring your energy supplier and it's done!

Yet every year, absent-minded or uninformed consumers forget to take the necessary steps and find themselves unknowingly in an illegal situation... risking suddenly having their meters shut off.

A small reminder to give you peace of mind

Discover how  to put the meters in your future home in your own name.

What if the meters are shut off?

If the meters in your new home are shut off, you have to ring Sibelga to unlock them.We'll guide you step by step in the videos below:

Any more questions?

Consult the "Moving house" heading on our website . 

Here you will find a personalised guidance module, a downloadable checklist, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. How to move without stress (almost!) and with no surprises!