Always ready for action - even on New Year’s Eve
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Always ready for action - even on New Year’s Eve

Thirty Sibelga operatives will be on stand-by this New Year’s Eve as they are every other year. They’ll be ready for action to handle blackouts or the smell of gas on the Brussels networks.  

There’s no end-of-year truce when it comes to energy! We need electricity and gas all the time. That’s why certain tasks are guaranteed by Sibelga 24/7. We’re thinking here, for example, of call takers in dispatching, who receive and handle calls about blackouts, the suspected smell of gas, etc. Then there are the teams of technicians who attend on site.

New Year’s Eve: a night like any other 

From a purely operational point of view, the transition from 2016 to 2017 will probably be a working night like any others for our colleagues on stand-by. 

In dispatching, two members of staff will be there to monitor the networks, take calls and send out teams of technicians to where their help is needed. Gas and electricity technicians will also be on call at any time.

“Generally speaking, there are no more call-outs than usual on that night,” explains Bastien de Spiegelaere, Operations Manager Dispatching. “Over the past few years, these nights have even been rather quiet for us.”

Taking turns

As the on-call rosters are drawn up for the week, from Wednesday to Wednesday, the team on call will be different from the team for Christmas Eve. Likewise, the staff on call during the holidays this year probably won’t be the same as last year. Taking turns!