Brussels crematorium drastically reduces its energy consumption thanks to NRClick
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Brussels crematorium drastically reduces its energy consumption thanks to NRClick

Thanks to works carried out with Sibelga, the Brussels intermunicipal crematorium is on track to achieve a 90% cut in gas consumption for heating. This equates to a reduction of 99 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Thanks to the NRClick programme, public authorities can benefit from Sibelga's 360° support to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and manage their energy consumption optimally.

On this blog, we've told you all about public buildings that have benefited from the programme. "Each building concerned is subject to special monitoring, based on its specific features and the needs of the staff and public who use it," explains Stephane Godfrind, NRClick manager at Sibelga. 

Previously unthinkable, now indispensable

This approach caught the attention of Xavier Godart, director of Brussels crematorium: "As a small intermunicipal company, naturally we are pleased to accept all the support the public authorities can provide to the public sector. We soon realized that Sibelga could help us in many ways: from purchasing energy via its central purchasing office to energy efficiency works".

This opportunity was all the more interesting because the crematorium had a real desire to improve its energy efficiency, in particular by recovering waste heat from the cremation process: "Ten years ago, recovering this heat was still unthinkable. Today, in the climate context, it is unthinkable not to".  

Towards a 90% cut in heating consumption

NRClick Crématorium Anderlecht

In concrete terms, Sibelga began by carrying out a study to evaluate the building's potential. The goal? To minimise its heating needs. It soon became apparent that harnessing the heat emitted by the cremation furnaces was indeed a path worth exploring. "The building has five cremation furnaces that operate an average of six days per week. It is important to understand that they consume huge quantities of gas and that much of the energy used to reach and maintain the temperature required for cremation is simply lost," explains Stephane.  

NRClick Crématorium Anderlecht cuve

Based on this observation, two 33,000 litre water tanks were installed outside the building. This water is heated to 75° to 80°C by reusing the heat from the furnaces. The water is then injected into the heating circuit to heat the entire building. 

NRClick Crématorium Anderlecht

"We also replaced the ageing boiler with a smaller one. The new boiler only kicks in when the water in the tanks is not up to temperature," explains Stephane.

NRClick Crématorium Anderlecht chaudières

The result? Energy consumption for heating has been drastically reduced, which should lead to a 90% cut in the building's consumption for heating. 

And it doesn't stop there

In addition to these works, the crematorium now has the NRClick Scan application, allowing it to monitor the building's energy consumption in real time.

"We are also planning to replace the window frames and renovate the roof, not just to improve the insulation but also, if possible, to install photovoltaic panels," explains Xavier Godart.  

More than a one-off intervention, the crematorium has made a real long-term commitment to energy efficiency. "We are really delighted with Sibelga's support: thanks to their involvement and expertise, we have taken steps we had been thinking about for a long time but never knew how to put into practice. Moreover, Sibelga also helped us to obtain additional funding from the European Regional Development Fund. As a result, the cost of the works was really low compared to the value of the investment".