Brussels - NRClick Scan for better water management
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Brussels - NRClick Scan for better water management

230 litres of water wasted every hour adding up to an annual consumption of over €7000. Who or what is to blame? A defective urinal in a primary school and two leaks under a ventilated cavity in a creche - that the City of Brussels thankfully managed to catch in time thanks to NRClick Scan. And this is just one example of many!

NRClick Scan is an energy metering tool, which municipalities can use to monitor their electricity, gas and water consumption. Each month, we take you to a Brussels municipality to discover the savings made by using this tool.


230 litres of water an hour

It all started back in May 2015. Alexandre McCormack, engineer/architect with the Brussels Energy Unit was advised of a problem with damp in a creche on Avenue des Pagodes. The problem had to be resolved quickly. If the damp persisted, the health of the children could be affected. "I thought immediately of consulting the information in the NRClick Scan datalogger and indeed noted abnormally high water consumption throughout the building complex, which also houses a school. About 230 litres of water were flowing somewhere - two meters were showing leaks. “ 

Looking for the leak

An inspection on site confirmed the diagnosis. "There was dreadful damp. Several places showed signs of mould that had been treated superficially." However, finding the source of the leak proved more complicated than anticipated. "NRClick Scan showed us that it wasn’t just water coming through the roof but a problem inside the buildings. We ultimately called on Vivaqua to help us locate the leak. “

And surprise! Three leaks were detected, not just two. The first was in the primary school adjoining the creche. A defective urinal was causing a direct loss of 200 litres of water an hour into the drains. This was not, however, the cause of the damp problems in the creche. We ultimately discovered two leaks under a ventilated cavity through which 30 litres of water flowed every hour.

To measure is to improve

Since then, the City of Brussels has installed a "water" warning in the NRClick Scan system, which advises them automatically of any abnormal consumption. "NRClick Scan is a tool that is becoming increasingly useful for us. We now use it to monitor water consumption as well as electricity and gas consumption. We can use these measurements to take action and submit concrete reports to the people involved. At the Energy Unit, we have a motto borrowed from Lord Kelvin - 'If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it'. NRClick Scan plays a significant role in this context", concludes Alexandre McCormack.

Comment by Stephane Godfrind, NRClick Scan Manager at Sibelga 

NRClick Scan can indeed be used to draw up energy and water consumption tables and graphs (or of anything that can be measured). But the tool can also generate alarms signalling abuses or anomalies, such as leaks, overrunning consumption thresholds, changes in heating times, etc. Once the building profile is known and validated, it is possible to be kept up-to-date with changes in the "behaviour" of these buildings.

Consumption in m³ an hour before/after the intervention:NRclick-BXL-graph

Damp, not a problem to be taken lightly 

Far more than an aesthetic problem, damp can seriously affect the health of a building and its occupants, without mentioning the impact on energy consumption. 

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