Co-generation - more than 5,000 tonnes less CO2 in 2017!
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Co-generation - more than 5,000 tonnes less CO2 in 2017!

Have you heard of co-generation? This process generates electricity and heat from the same fuel in the same production unit. It is particularly useful for buildings with significant heat requirements, as it consumes less primary energy than would be required to operate separate heating and electricity installations. The outcome - financial and ecological gain!

Sibelga has 20 years’ experience of this cutting-edge technology. A five-person team spends all its time on Sibelga co-generation services.

Win-win partnership 

Specifically, Sibelga offers win-win partnerships to the managers of public and private buildings in Brussels. Sibelga invests in the co-generation unit and then installs and operates it. The Green Production department monitors the project from start to finish. 

Both parties benefit, as: 

  • The building manager makes substantial savings in heating costs. 
  • Sibelga re-injects the electricity generated into its grid and benefits from green certificates.

This partnership formula is available to all public or private Sibelga customers with industrial or commercial buildings, offices or housing in Brussels. It only comes into its own, however, with an annual heating consumption greater than 5,000 MWh

Thousands of tonnes less CO2

“There are currently 12 co-generation installations managed by Sibelga with electrical power of 12,204 kW,” explains Nikolaas Bogaerts, head of the Green Production department. 

The Flemish Parliament, ULB and Parc du Cinquantenaire buildings are part of the portfolio managed by Sibelga. “New partnerships are also being negotiated,” says Nikolaas.

In 2017, all these installations prevented more than 5,788 tonnes of CO2 being discharged into the air! To give you an idea, 5,000 tonnes of CO2 saved represents a diesel vehicle emitting 120 g CO2/km travelling 1,040 times round the Earth at the Equator.

More efficient installations

The reckoning is also very positive in terms of installations operated by Sibelga on behalf of third parties. 

Nikolaas says: “This year, we have taken over the operation of two new co-generation installations. We have considerably increased their availability – in other words their hours in operation – and their performance. The result? These installations have never generated as many green certificates as in the first quarter of 2018!” 

Staying on top

At a time when Brussels is having to face major energy efficiency challenges, co-generation clearly has an essential role to play. “Our goal is to remain the leading partner in this field for the Brussels region,” concludes Nikolaas. In any case, the results achieved so far bode very well for the future of the Sibelga Green Production department.

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