Coronavirus measures
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Coronavirus measures

Following the government’s isolation measures, sibelga is doubling the precautions! Which is why we are introducing new provisions. These take effect on tuesday 17 march and are valid until 19 april.

All urgent interventions remain guaranteed

Our teams are at your service 24/7 in the event of an incident on the grid.

During the visit of our technician, all measures will be taken to respect all health recommendations imposed by the government (distance of 1 metre, handshake prohibited, etc.).

Intervention Corona

What is an urgent intervention?

Urgent interventions relating to:

  • Power cuts and gas smell
  • Network incidents
  • Works to guarantee access to energy like the opening of meters

In consultation with our fellow network managers in belgium, all “non-urgent” activities (e.g. Meter reading) will be suspended until 19 april.

Our customer service will contact you to cancel certain appointments.

Resumption of certain "non-urgent" activities

From Tuesday 7 April, some "non-urgent" activities will be resumed:

  • if they can be carried out by one technician
  • if no other persons have to be present (work in habitable premises will not be carried out)
  • as long as hygiene and safety recommendations can be guaranteed

The reception desk in avenue Emile Jacqmain is closing its doors

The offices of our customer service department are closed until 19 april.

You can reach our teams on 02 549 41 00 from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m., monday to friday.