Coronavirus measures
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Coronavirus measures

Following the measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the corona virus, Sibelga will be doubling the precautions it is taking! We are introducing new provisions, which will take effect on Tuesday 17 March.

All urgent interventions remain guaranteed

Our teams are at your service 24/7 in the event of an incident on the grid.

During the visit of our technician, all measures will be taken to respect all health recommendations imposed by the government (distance of 1 metre, handshake prohibited, etc.).

Intervention Corona

What is an urgent intervention?

Urgent interventions relating to:

  • Power cuts and gas smell
  • Network incidents
  • Works to guarantee access to energy like the opening of meters


[Update] Restart of certain "non-urgent" activities

In order to guarantee the reliability and future-proofing of our network, we are restarting a number of activities. Only those activities that can comply with very strict rules and recommendations in the field of hygiene, safety and social distancing are being undertaken.

Since 7 April, we have been handling smaller jobs that meet the following conditions:

  • if they can be carried out by a single technician
  • if no other persons are required to be present
  • on condition that hygiene and safety recommendations can be guaranteed

Since 15 April, we have been handling larger jobs:

  • requiring the presence of several persons (more than 2)
  • such jobs are largely connection jobs, investment or maintenance jobs on the electricity and gas networks and public lighting
  • a risk analysis is drawn up before any job is started
  • on condition that we can guarantee hygiene, safety and social-distancing recommendations

From 11 May, work at customers’ homes (connection activities, meter changes, installation of smart meters, etc.) will gradually be rolled out.

Given the exceptional circumstances that we have been experiencing since the start of the health crisis, Sibelga will continue to follow the lockdown exit strategy approved by the National Security Council and will review its recovery plan if necessary should the Council announce new guidelines.

Reopening of the customer office in avenue Émile Jacqmainlaan

The customer office will be opening its doors again from Wednesday 20/5/2020, by appointment only.

All health and safety measures will be implemented to comply with the basic rules on hygiene and social distancing.

Ban on gas and electricity disconnections until 30 june

Disconnections from the gas and electricity supply are forbidden during the winter period. Normally this ban applies from 1 October to 31 March.  The Brussels Government has now extended this period by one month in order to mitigate the social consequences of the measures taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

As a social supplier, Sibelga will continue to supply energy to the customers involved in this measure until 30 June. (more info about the winter customer status)