Servicing and inspecting your gas boiler: mandatory?
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Servicing and inspecting your gas boiler: mandatory?

It is mandatory for people living in Brussels to have their gas boiler inspected regularly. 

The inspection intervals vary according to the fuel:

  • every 2 years for gas boilers and 
  • once a year for oil-fired boilers

What does a gas boiler inspection entail?

  • cleaning and checking the fume exhaust system (fume analysis, combustion test);
  • adjusting the burner;
  • checking compliance with performance requirements and ventilation of the room in which your boiler is housed.

A little like the technical automobile testing system, this routine inspection must state that your boiler complies with the mandatory requirements of the PEB regulations (energy efficiency of buildings).

You will receive a certificate after the inspection. Keep this with your boiler documents.

Failure to comply means that a copy of the certificate will be sent to Bruxelles Environnement and you will have 5 months to make your boiler compliant.

Who can inspect your gas boiler?

Unlike a normal service, the inspection must be carried out by a Bruxelles Environnement-approved boiler technician type G1 and type G2

And the service?

Servicing your gas boiler is not legally mandatory, but is recommended by the manufacturer and can even be made mandatory by your landlord.

But above all it's a good idea!  Plan for an annual service to benefit from all the advantages of a well-maintained gas boiler. 

Here are three good reasons for maintaining your gas boiler properly:

1. Fewer risks of accident

Regular servicing of your gas boiler limits the risk of being confronted with an incident such as CO poisoning, for example.

2. Longer life for your boiler 

Buying a new boiler is a huge investment! And your boiler never breaks down at a good time. Better therefore to prevent this happening through regular boiler servicing. 

3. Less consumption, more savings

A well-maintained boiler consumes less! This is good news for the environment as well as your wallet. 

A good scheme: some suppliers now offer to take charge of servicing and repairing your boiler. You pay a monthly sum and no longer need to think of making an appointment yourself. Visit the website of your current supplier to check whether this service is available.