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Discover, a local energy community supported by WeSmart and and co-constructed with BBRI, and Sibelga is launched in Laeken

A great first in the economic zone!

Since February 2020, the roofs of the Greenbizz business park, which have almost a thousand photovoltaic panels, have been supplying more than 20 companies with green electricity! 

What are the expected results? A 10% reduction in the energy bill, the creation of links between local actors who are mobilising for the climate and the reduction of CO2 emissions by 2 tonnes per year (i.e. 12,000 km by diesel car). 

Sibelga at the service of the people of Brussels and a rapid energy transition

The arrival of energy communities means that Sibelga has new tasks to perform for the citizens of Brussels.  

As is already the case for the gas and electricity supply market, Sibelga acts as a neutral facilitator in this new market.  

We intend to make energy easier for the people of Brussels, by ensuring, in particular, the safety of the installations and by transmitting all the data necessary for billing consumption each month. By the way, this is done so by using smart meters.

The Tivoli eco-district in Laeken joins the future of energy 

The next step? To share the surplus of this green and local energy with two schools and 400 homes in the Tivoli district. And at a reduced rate. 

A webinar was recently held to explain the concept of collective self-consumption to the inhabitants of this Brussels neighbourhood. In collaboration with WeSmart and Benoît Hellings, alderman for climate and sports of the city of Brussels, we also took the time to discuss and answer any questions they might have.

(Re)watch the webinar now 

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