How can we serve you better?
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How can we serve you better?

That’s the question Sibelga tries to answer, particularly through a series of satisfaction surveys sent to its customers. 

For Sibelga, customer satisfaction is a priority. And, although that’s exactly what most businesses say, at Sibelga it’s more than just words. We really do provide ourselves with the means to do things better.

How do we do it? Simply by listening to what our customers have to say about our services. Their opinions allow us to put our finger on little bad habits to be corrected so we can serve you better. It also allows us to identify what’s going right and needs to be continued. 

Systematic satisfaction surveys after a service

Have you recently had your supply turned on? Have our technicians been to your home to activate the dual hourly rate or move a gas connection? Sometime after the service, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to answer some questions to assess your satisfaction.

Perhaps you have noted a hiccup we ought to resolve, like this customer, who told us: “The person I spoke to at Sibelga didn’t specify that the heating engineer had to be there... That meant useless appointments and time wasted!”

Or perhaps you will have only positive things to tell us, like this other customer: “The employee was cheerful and efficient. It was nice to deal with such expertise combined with such a positive attitude. "

Your answers will be carefully examined every time. If you are really dissatisfied, one of our colleagues from Customer Service will contact you personally to find out more and put things right.

Domestic customers, but also…

Sibelga is not satisfied with just carrying out the survey with domestic customers. Gas and electricity suppliers, for example, are invited to give us their opinion every year, was well as municipal authorities as part of the NRClick programme, for example.

Our aim is the same in all cases: to continuously improve our services!

A good report for Sibelga

To date, the results of the satisfaction surveys are positive and continuously improving. For ordinary jobs done by Sibelga, the level of satisfaction measured between November 2016 and April 2017 reached 80%, including both “satisfied” and “very satisfied” customers. 

But there’s no way we are going to rest on our laurels: some points for improvement have been clearly identified and we are looking at how to implement them.

Take a few minutes to give your opinion!

If we’re going to challenge ourselves and constantly improve our services, we need you! So please don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to fill in our surveys and help us serve you better all the time!