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Incandescent lamps: 75 W bulbs are on their way out

As you may have noticed, bulbs of 100 W and more have already disappeared from the shelves in our shops. And now it’s officially the turn of the 75 W lamp, soon to be followed by the 60 W and 25 W versions.
But it’s worth noting that several leading retailers are ahead of the European schedule and are already halting sales of all incandescent lamps.
The fact is that the incandescent lamp, invented in the 19th century, no longer meets Economic lightingcurrent requirements in terms of energy efficiency… Just think: only 5% of the electricity it uses is transformed into light. The remainder is lost as heat! Various technologies have come forward to replace it, such as fluo-compact bulbs, LED lamps and halogen lamps. These new products offer far better luminous efficacy and use considerably less energy.
What’s more, as from 1 September a new unit will be appearing on packaging to express the quantity of light emitted by a lamp: the lumen (lm). Other information is also being added: the warm-up time needed to provide good light, temperature colour (from warm to cold), useful life, etc. All to help you adopt new habits and make the best choice!