Major roadworks in the European district
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Major roadworks in the European district

If you’ve been anywhere near the Berlaymont in recent weeks, you may have noticed that rue Franklin looks a bit of a ‘site’! 

As always, roadworks are an opportunity for all stakeholders to perform the necessary work on the underground cables and pipes. This is because the Brussels by-laws stipulate that a road can only be opened up every three years.

For Sibelga, the mission is to renew gas pipes that need replacing.

A difficult task

For now, the technicians are busy removing the existing pipes. A task made difficult by the limited space in the trench, because of the amount of wiring inside (in particular for telecommunication networks). Not an easy task, considering the size of the pipes that must be removed! We must also take into account the proximity of an underground railway tunnel belonging to Infrabel.

What’s more, the European district is a high security area and we must of course be careful not to cut off the supply to customers. 

What next?

Once the existing installation has been dismantled, we will have to install the new one and, finally, connect it to the network. This major project is scheduled to end in late October.