New energy reports for the schools of Saint-Josse
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New energy reports for the schools of Saint-Josse

Reducing energy consumption in public buildings – that’s the aim of theNRClick programme implemented by Sibelga. This is achieved through works to improve energy efficiency at local authorities, sports centres as well as schools. 

Better heated schools in Saint-Josse

Yes, schools! In the municipality of Saint-Josse, the change has begun: the Dutch-speaking Sint-Joost-aan-Zee school and the Joseph Delclef municipal primary school have recently been benefiting from brand new heating installations. 

“These two buildings were still using installations that had reached the end of their service life. So, we needed to do something about it, urgently” explains Gaétane Sommereyns, head of the project at Sibelga. And what was the biggest challenge of these works? Doing the job without disturbing classes.

Sint-Joost-aan-Zee: 12.4 tonnes less carbon dioxide

The new heating system was installed during winter at this school, so shutting down the heating and leaving pupils and teachers in the cold was simply not an option. Our technicians found a solution: as the school has a large boiler room, they were able to install the new system alongside the old one without interrupting its operation. The installation was completed during the February half-term holiday, so it had very little impact on school life, if any.

This was followed by the new control system and an energy monitoring tool (the NRClick Scan app) being put in place. “Thanks to this tool, we will be able to measure the exact impact of the change of system on the council’s energy bill. We estimate a 25% saving, i.e. 12.4 tonnes in carbon dioxide “

25% energy saving for the Delclef school

It was the same situation but a different solution at the Joseph Delclef school. Here, due to a lack of space, the installation had to be carried out in two phases: first a new back-up boiler was installed to ensure continuity of heating if the first one broke down. 

The installation of the whole system and the replacement of all the radiators was then carried out during the Easter holidays. To make sure everything was ready for the new term, the contractor had to call on extra labour! The result? “The school will consume around 38 tonnes less carbon dioxide” estimates Gaétane Sommereyns.

And what now?

There is no question of Saint-Josse stopping, now things are going so well. More works are already being planned: the municipal library will also be equipped with a new heating system very soon. 

Other projects are on the agenda for 2018 in other Brussels municipalities. We will keep you posted! 

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